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Ashford Table Loom Stand and Treadle Kit

Ashford Table Loom Stand and Treadle Kit

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Strong frame made from solid Silver Beech hardwood, lacquered to match your loom. With 2 handy shelves and 4 shaft treadle kit for direct tie-up. The loom fits onto the stand with no screws required. Stand and treadle kit fold flat for easy transport and storage.
When using the treadles for an eight shaft loom use the treadle for the first four shafts and the levers for the last four shafts, as treadles are designed for direct tie-up only. 


Stand widths
40cm (16ins)
60cm (24ins)
80cm (32ins)

Height from floor to base of table loom is 62.5cm (24½ins) 
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