Spinning Wheel Restoration

Is your spinning wheel in need of some TLC? Does it have a problem? Is it just not running smoothly or is it making strange noises? 


Susan has been in the spinning wheel business for many years, and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Please bring your wheel in during regular business hours or call for an appointment. We'd love to help you get your wheel in tip-top shape again! 

Disclaimer: We are unable to provide wood-working services. We can however, tell you exactly what your wheel is in need of, and give you recommendations and a referral for your woodworking needs. 


Testimonial: "I purchased an antique wheel around 200 years old, and fought for 2 years to get it working again. I thought it was beyond repair, or that I would have to pay an arm and a leg to ever be able to spin on it. Susan had another idea! In the span of an afternoon, she had my gorgeous Mayville-Fell wheel running as good as NEW!" - Meredith Muncy, happy customer!