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Schacht Wolf Pup

Schacht Wolf Pup

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Here is a little loom you can easily take anywhere with you. The 18” weaving width is ideal for workshops and for all those other narrow projects.

We’ve used the same sturdy X-frame, bolt and barrel-nut construction for our Wolf Pup looms as we use for our other Wolf Looms. We also use many of the same components: steel hub friction brake, brake release foot pedal, aluminum harness channels, and an attached beater pin. The loom comes with stainless steel heddle bars and a stainless steel reed (choice of 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 dent), and 300 inserted eye heddles. The simple and elegant direct tie-up system we use was first designed by F.C. Wood of Waterford, New York, who started building the Dorset Loom in 1956.

The Wolf Pup has a direct tie-up system - each harness is tied to a single treadle. This makes for a simple, easy-to-use loom. Like its bigger siblings the Baby Wolf and Mighty Wolf looms, the Wolf Pup LT features jacks and lamms that allow any harness to be tied to any of its six treadles, in whatever combination your weave structure requires.

The Wolf Pup and Wolf Pup LT both come with the Treadle Tracker, a “mini clipboard” for holding your threading and treadling diagrams.

The Wolf Pup folds up to a depth of only 16 inches. The attached wheels automatically engage when the loom is in the folded position. The Wolf Pup weighs just 38 pounds and can be sent via UPS.

Schacht Wolf Loom Comparison Chart:

  Wolf Pup Wolf Pup LT Baby Wolf Mighty Wolf
Weaving Widths 18" 18" 26" 36"
Width-Loom 26" 26" 34" 45"
Height-Breast Beam 29.5" 29.5" 29.5" 29.5"
Height-Castle 35" 35" 35" 41"
Height-Folded 42" 42" 42" 48"
Depth-Open 33" 33" 33" 33"
Depth-Folded 16" 16" 18" 18"
Weight-4-Shaft 38 lb 40lb 53 lb 71 lb
Weight-8-Shaft n/a n/a 71 lb 94 lb
Heddles-4-Shaft 300 300 400 800
Heddles-8-Shaft n/a n/a 800 1000


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