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Mulberry Silk - Sold by the ounce

Mulberry Silk - Sold by the ounce

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This is A1 quality Mulberry Silk and is nothing short of magnificent. The fineness is such that it almost becomes The Emperor’s New Clothes It is pure white and incredibly soft. 

Mulberry silk, from the Bombyx silk moth is pure white and has a magnificent and unmistakable sheen. The caterpillars live out their life cycle, gorging on Mulberry leaves until they are ready to begin to spin their cocoons. You can buy Mulberry silk in several forms for spinning but our combed top is not only easy to spin but it takes dye almost instantly, for a dazzling product. 

Mulberry silk is a very luxurious fiber. It makes a very strong and lustrous yarn with wonderful drape. Silk is very receptive to dyes and will retain its luster after dyeing. Because of its long length, a yarn can be spun very fine if desired. Weaver Creek Fibers imports the finest silk sliver which originates in China.
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