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Kromski Minstrel

Kromski Minstrel

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Kromski of Poland is setting a new standard for castle style wheels. The design is perfect for re-enacters and is made of European Alder and Birch. It features a wide, steady base for the double treadle operation and is larger than many upright wheels – 18″. Two support posts make the wheel easy to mount. The third post mounts an optional distaff.

The Minstrel has a strong, bold lines and a large base to accommodate the large wheel diameter and the double treadles. It is a double drive wheel, but comes standard with Scotch tension set-up if your prefer the single drive feel. A threading hook and extra whorl are conveniently stored up front for easy access.

Additional specifications:• Wheel diameter: 18″

• Orifice height: 33″; size – 3/8″

• Bobbins: Three included that will fit all other Kromski wheels. Kromski regular bobbins have yarn capacity that is 50% greater than many other popular wheel bobbins.

• Includes threading hook, attached Lazy Kate and bottle of spinning wheel oil

• Ratios: 6.5, 8.5, 12 and 16 to 1; Two whorls included.

• Bearings on wheel crank; leather bearings on flyer

• Weight:  13 lbs.
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