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Majacraft Little Gem

Majacraft Little Gem

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Our Little Gem is the Majacraft folding wheel designed for using while travelling. It is especially useful for those who need to transport their spinning wheel but has the capability and smoothness to cater for all types of spinning. The Little Gem comes with three bobbins and a custom made shoulder bag in Majacraft green. We also include a travelling kate so plying is a breeze while you are out and about.

The Little Gem is very suitable for use while on vacation or away from home as it can be folded flat and transported in the special carry bag made for this wheel. The bag has a easy to use carry handle as well as a shoulder strap.

While the Little Gem is both compact and light (approximately 5kg/12lbs - this can vary with the wood), it easily handles tasks of spinning and plying the likes of wool, mohair, silk and so on. The Little Gem is a full height wheel with attractive and unique design.

Some of the features of the Little Gem are:

- double treadle
- Comes with three (3) bobbins
- quick change flyer
- no oiling sealed bearings
- sliding flyer hook
- sensitive scotch tension NZ rimu construction
- laminated bamboo drive while that has plenty of inertia and looks great
- compact and light
- extremely portable
- spins like a full-sized wheel with an easy rolling treadle action
- compatible bobbins and flyers with Majacraft wheels and accessories

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