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Kromski Fantasia

Kromski Fantasia

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Thoroughly modern, but Kromski in concept and design. 
The Fantasia features a new design for a single drive flyer for a very fast bobbin change. The whorl is “changeable” for different speeds. To change bobbins, the front of the flyer simply pulls off – no drive band to deal with. See how fast it is in the video below! The flyer also has sliding hooks. Also, both the flyer and the wheel spin on sealed ball bearings for a truly smooth feel.

Additional specifications:• Wheel diameter – 18″; double treadle

• Orifice height – 28″; size – 3/8″

• Bobbins: Three included that will fit all other Kromski wheels. Kromski bobbins have yarn capacity that is 50% greater than many other popular wheel bobbins.

•Single drive with Scotch tension with interchangeable whorls; flyer has sliding hooks

• Includes threading hook, attached Lazy Kate and needle nose bottle of spinning wheel oil; uses an elastic drive band.

• Ratios: 5 and 8 to 1. Optional whorls – 10 and 14:1 and 18 and 20:1; whorls exchange very easily

• Ball bearings on wheel axle and flyer

• Wheel part is MDF or veneer MDF; available finished or unfinished

• Weight – 12.5 lbs.
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