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BAM Fiberworks Wool Combs

BAM Fiberworks Wool Combs

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These cherry wood combs work excellent! Smooth points, stainless steel tines, and crafted from cherry wood with a Danish oil 

finish. These combs are your perfect go-to. Available in Fine and Extra fine, there’s an
option for all fiber types.
An optional holder can be purchased with these combs to be able to use one comb
stationary if desired.
What makes our combs special?
 Smooth points won’t catch on your fiber. The points on these combs are silky
smooth with a long taper to allow them to slide through your fiber without
 Sharp, but not too sharp. We apply a micro tip bevel on the points to keep them
from being too sharp but allowing them to penetrate your fiber smoothly. Needle
sharp points are unnecessary and dangerous to use.
 Won’t rust. Our tines are made from sturdy stainless steel, if you need to spritz
your fiber with a little water to keep the static down, you won’t have to worry
about rusting the points.
 Comfortable to hold and use. Ergonomic, smooth, one-piece handle feels
natural in your hand.
 Beautiful. Made from cherry hardwood and finished with hand rubbed Danish Oil
 Made in the USA by Bam Fiberworks.
 Lightweight. Fine: 5.9oz Extra Fine:7.2oz. The tines are 3.25 inch by 4 inch
perfectly balancing weight and working area.
 Available in two sizes:
Fine: Perfect for medium fibers. The tines are set approx. ¼” apart.
Extra Fine: Perfect for finer fibers. The tines spaced approx. 3/16” apart


Comb holder is for Bam Fiber Works Wool Combs only. (Will not work with other wool
 This handy comb holder can be clamped or screwed to a table to hold one comb
stationary while you work the fiber with the free comb.
 Made from Cherry Wood and finished with Danish Oil Finish.
 Handy Knob adds extra stability to the comb during use.
 A comb holder makes easy work of pulling fiber off the comb using a diz, or by
The optional table clamps can grip to a surface 2 ½” or thinner. Table or counter MUST
have a square edge to clamp from the front. If the surface you are clamping to has a
beveled edge you will need to clamp it to the corner for a prop

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