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Blue Butterfly Looms

Pin Looms - Blue Butterfly Original's Skipper Pin Looms

Pin Looms - Blue Butterfly Original's Skipper Pin Looms

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Steel pin and pegged Skipper™ hand looms. All Blue Butterfly Originals Skipper™ looms are hand-crafted here in Indiana using the native American woods: cherry and walnut

Versatile and portable, projects can range in size and complexity from a single woven square for a mug rug, to several hundred connected squares for a bed-spread!

All types of yarn can be used to weave the squares. However, using wool yarn allows fiber artists to combine two interests in the world of wool: weaving and felting.

Blue butterfly looms give you a 

Lace effect - sock or fingering yarn

Pin set for the blue butterfly is best with worsted weight yarns.

Bulky yarns- give you a piece you can felt very easy when using wool yarn.

Each hand loom kit includes:

-One loom of selected size
-Instructions for warping, weaving, and connecting squares
-One 5" weaving needle
-Two project ideas

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