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BAM Fiberworks Smooth Point Cherry Hackle

BAM Fiberworks Smooth Point Cherry Hackle

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Smooth points, stainless steel tines, and crafted from cherry wood with a Danish oil finish. With a beginners diz included to get you started these Hackles are ready to go. Available in 3 lengths: 8” 12” and 18” 

What are Hackles used for? Here are a couple of the most common uses:

  • BLENDING! Load your hackle with different colored roving and use a diz or draft it by hand to pull off beautiful, blended fibers.
  • Use your combs and Hackle together for more efficient processing. Comb your fiber with your hand combs and load the last pass onto the Hackle. Keep doing this until your Hackle is loaded and diz off a large amount of combed top all at once! This makes it much faster, and it’s nicer to spin from one long ‘roving’ than a few smaller ones.

There are other techniques and uses for Hackles. We would love to hear from you. What is your favorite use for your Hackle?


What makes our Hackles special?

  • Smooth points won’t catch on your fiber. The points on these combs are silky smooth with a long taper to allow them to slide through your fiber without catching.
  • Sharp, but not too sharp. We apply a micro tip bevel on the points to keep them from being too sharp but allowing them to penetrate your fiber smoothly. Needle sharp points are unnecessary and dangerous to use.
  • Strong Tines. Our tines are made from sturdy stainless steel. Not all Stainless steel is created equal. There are a variety of Stainless-steel grades with varying strengths and weaknesses. We chose the best option for strength for the best combing experience.
  • Tines set close to the edge. This helps remove more good fiber from the combs when unloading them onto the hackle. It also helps with dizzing off the fiber.
  • Sturdy Convenient Clamps. The included clamps are perfect to securely attach your hackle to your table or countertop. (The surface you are clamping these on should have a square edge for best hold) The clamps are inset to keep everything behind the tines, so your comb won't catch on anything during use.
  • Handy Safety Cap. After your Hackle is loaded or when it is not in use drop the safety cap over the points and your set!
  • Included is a beginners diz to help you get started!
  • Made from cherry hardwood and finished with hand rubbed Danish Oil Finish.
  • Made in the USA. These are handcrafted by us in our woodshop in Central KY.
  • Available in 3 Lengths: 8" 12" & 18" (The sizes listed is the actual working area. The width of the tines.
  •             Fine: The tines are set approx. ¼” to center.
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