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Ashford Top Whorl Spindles

Ashford Top Whorl Spindles

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Spinners have been creating yarn with drop spindles for millennia and we have a wide range of sizes from which to choose. Spin a wide range of fibers from superfine on the lightest spindle to long lustrous fleece on the heaviest spindle.

Each spindle size is sold separately. Photo shows the relationship of sizes. 


  • Portable Top Whorl spindle with 2 guide grooves. 
  • Solid silver beech hardwood
  • 5 sizes to choose from
  • Uniquely shaped wire hook
  • The whorls are hollow underneath, making them lightweight with maximum momentum.
Spindle diameters and weights:
  • tws5 - 50mm, 15g (2", ½oz)
  • tws6 - 60mm, 20g (2⅜", ¾oz)
  • tws7 - 70mm, 35g (2¾", 1¼oz)
  • tws8 - 80mm, 50g (3⅛", 1¾oz)
  • tws9 - 90mm, 80g (3½", 2¾oz)
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