Susan's Fiber Retreat 2023 Itinerary

Here is the weekend itinerary for Susan's Fiber Retreat 2023! Take a look down below at all the reasons why you don't want to miss this year's event, and at all of the fantastic things you can learn! Your weekend is just that - YOUR weekend! What do you want to learn this year?


Note: YOUR schedule is flexible! You can come and go as you please and attend any or every class, demo, shopping, table, or free time. The weekend is yours, and there is no obligation to do everything. We hope you have fun! 






3:00 PM: Early Check-In to your Personal Hotel Room







10 AM-12 PM


Learn to Crochet – You know how to knit, why not expand to another fiber form? In this workshop different crochet hooks will be explored and you will learn how to start a project with a chain and a foundation row. Then start a single crochet and a double crochet, and you are on your way to simple projects. You will need worsted yarn (nothing fancy) and a size G, H or I hook. Hooks will be available for this workshop to purchase.  


Instructor: Cyndy Sandberg  


Cost: Hook if needed and yarn


Spaces for this class are limited! Please email Susan at and let her know you would like to attend this class so that we can secure your spot!


11 AM - 12 PM 


Knitting or Crocheting with Roving 

Unspun fibers used for knitting and crocheting is hot right now. Designers are creating jackets, vests and other items using sliver, roving and drafted fibers, including silk. You too, can use roving and knit or crochet with it, without spinning the fiber first. It’s easy and fun. 

It’s also a great way to learn and practice drafting evenly to use for spinning to get the consistency and size you are aiming for.

In addition to learning to draft to a specific and consistent size, and knitting or crocheting with it, we’ll also learn to “Shimmy” with fiber. What’s shimmying? Come to the class and find out. It’s fun!


Materials needed for class: Unspun roving, Size 7US / 4.5mm knitting needles in your choice of straight, long 40” circular cable or double points. OR size G-7 /4.5mm or H-8 / 5mm crochet hook.

Instructor: Janet Rehfeldt 


1 PM-4 PM


Nalbinding –You know how to crochet and knit, why not try a very old way of interlinking yarn. Nalbinding is used for mittens and socks mainly and is a very interesting technique. If you want to try something more to expand your use of your spun fiber or commercial yarns, why not try nalbinding? For this workshop, everything will be provided. We will also have books on this technique for sale.  


This class will have two sessions, 3 hours each, on both Friday and Saturday.


Instructor: Larry Schmitt


Cost: $10 for needle and fiber


Spaces for this class are limited! Please email Susan at and let her know you would like to attend this class so that we can secure your spot!




2 PM - 3 PM 


Tussy Mussy! - Learn a unique way of preparing your silk for spinning! Bring your wheel and an extra bobbin! Instructor: Susan MacFarland

Cost: $2



3 PM - 5 PM


Beginning Wet Felting– Another aspect of felting. For this you will have the opportunity to make a coaster and learn the technique.  


Instructor: Susan McFarland 




7 PM - 9 PM


Branch Weaving - Learn how to use your handspun to make a creative wall hanging! Bring any supplies you would like to add to a weaving (trinkets twigs, beads, yarn bits). Instructor: Terri Neuburg



Saturday Classes



9 AM – 3 PM


Card Weaving – This is another weaving technique that is gaining in popularity because of its portability and design techniques. In this class you will learn how to start and do a simple project. Cost includes loom, a belt shuttle, one set of cards and fiber. 


Instructor: Jen of Wild Stitchers


Cost: $95


Spaces for this class are limited! Please email Susan at and let her know you would like to attend this class so that we can secure your spot!



10 AM – 12 PM 


The Anatomy of Fiber – Have you ever wanted to try to spin another fiber, but never had the chance? In this class we will explore different fibers, their characteristics and how they spin. You will get a chance to try to spin 5-7 sheep breed fibers. You will need your wheel, a bobbin and experience at spinning. Fibers will be provided. Books on fibers will be available for purchase. 


Merino, Teeswater, Jacob, Corriedale, etc


Instructor: Susan McFarland



1 PM – 4 PM


Nalbinding – This will be a continuation of the Friday class.


Instructor: Larry Schmitt




Cost: $2



1 PM – 3 PM


Chain Plying with Beads – Want to add beads to you spun yarn so that you already have them on a strand for your project? Why not learn how to chain ply with beads? For this class you will need to bring 2 bobbins of singles spun to fingering weight or less. Beads will be provided OR if you want to bring your own beads, they need to be 8mm size.


Instructor: Barb Weber


Cost: $2


4 PM - 5PM

Core Spinning with Susan! - You will need your spinning wheel, two bobbins, hand cards, fiber to spin with. Your cost includes a skein of mohair yarn. You may bring your own mohair yarn to waive the cost

Cost: $10


Saturday Evening: Pajama party and door prizes! Don't forget to bring your favorite jammies!




Sunday Classes



10 AM – 12 PM


Learn to do Tunisian Crochet – You know how to crochet and knit, now onto Tunisian crochet! This is another fiber form that gives a very nice solid fabric for cowls, scarves and throws. You will learn how to start a project and the simple stitch. For this you will need worsted yarn (nothing fancy) and a Tunisian Crochet hook size G, H, I or K. Hooks will be available for purchase.  


Instructor: Cyndy Sandberg


Cost: Needle if needed and yarn



9 AM – 12 PM


Double Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom – Another way to expand on your weaving techniques using your rigid heddle loom. For this class you will need to bring your loom, fiber, and tools for warping your loom.


Instructor: Barb Weber



Additional Class Teasers! These will be held as pop-up classes throughout the weekend!


Embroidery on Paper- Learn this beautiful technique for embroidering right onto paper to create cards, booksmarks, and more! Instructor: Donna Thomas. Cost: TBA, Under $5


Advanced Blending Board – Have you tried blending fibers and they did not work together? What makes a good blend? What do you need to look for when blending fibers? All of this explained and more!


Boho Beads - Wild and Crazy Bead Making: Bring bits of fiber and yarn and anything you would like to add to a bead, and bring it along! Instructor: Terri Nueberg


Creating Stitch Markers with Terri Nueberg


Drop in Class, anytime! - How to Spin on a Drop Spindle – Is a wheel too much of a challenge, but you want to learn to spin? Why not try a drop spindle? Bring your spindle if you have one, otherwise, in this demonstration, different spindles will be explained and how to select a spindle for the fiber you are using. Spindles and fiber will be available for you to try.



How to Spin Linen: Group Spinning Session – Another fiber challenge that many of you have thought about, but never tried. In this workshop we will go over the techniques for spinning this fiber. Bring your wheel and bobbin. Fiber will be provided.



How to Spin Silk: Group Spinning Session – Silk can add luster and strength to many different fibers when used alone or plyed. So why not learn now to spin it. In this workshop we will go over the tips and tricks to spin this fiber. Bring your wheel and a bobbin. Different types of silk fibers will be shown and discussed. Fiber will be provided.