Trip and fun over the New Year

Trip and fun over the New Year

Susan's Fiber Shop has started the New Year 2016 with a bang. Patrick watched the shop while Susan traveled to Kentucky, What a great time in Kentucky.

Susan had  a chance to see the grandkids in Lexington and celebrate by Ringing  in 2016 at their house. Great time.

Then off to visit my  friend from A Tangled Yarn - Stephanie. I Met the cat Fred and also explored a variety of yarns she has. Stephanie's shop is very delightful and full of great yarns. if you are in the Nicholasville Ky. area stop by her shop. 

    Stephanie dyes her own yarns.

Later that day I met another great fiber enthusiast from Kentucky - Baruch the Maker of many fiber arts products but the one I really like is the folding picker.


Baruch Picker

Below is a little information I found out about Baruch while we visited about his Fiber Equipment. "BAM" Fiber Products. So get BAM products and start with the best.

 Baruch grew up on a small farm in Central Kentucky where he helped care for wool sheep. He is one of eight children and graduated homeschool highschool in 2015 and is working to develop a business serving the fiber processing community. He has been creating and building things since he was very young. With his brother (when Baruch was 13-15), he built a tree house with an "elevator" made out of a steel drum with a pulley and counter weights and a 75' suspension bridge which connected the treehouse to the 300' zipline. He also designed and built a pedal powered saw as well as a large metal bucket for a tractor. Baruch enjoys the challenge of making things and learning to do them well. He built his first wool picker when he was 12 using a windshield wiper motor to make it automatic. He then built a large swing picker to help process more wool at a time and has been working on designing and building wool processing equipment ever since. Learning what you need to make your task easier and designing and constructing equipment that works exceptionally well is his main priority. Baruch at 18 built his own wood shop.

When Baruch came to have a day of fiber Fun he had this great Hat on. He told me he wants to experiment with all fiber so decided to card wool for a felted Hat. To make this he read about felting and made this great hat. 

Get started with Baruchs equipment purchase a picker. 

 I like to discuss many fiber artists. So when you stop by the shop. Let me know what you have been up to over the years. I can feature you on my blog.

Lets all agree we will make 2016 great. 

Join us at the knitting Retreat this January 22-23-24. This retreat is $40 for the weekend. The retreat is held at the Super 8 Columbus, Wi. We have rooms for $69 but most be booked before January 18th. We will be covering cast on techniques, bead knitting, dragon scale crocet stitch, slip stitch and sock making. Sign up today. Stay at the hotel it is a great time. 

Another Fiber event is the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. If you have not gone to this show it is excellent and great time.


Look for more blog posts soon.

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Hi Baruch,

I would like to make the picker for my wife
Can i get orbay the technical information to makeitby my self?

Thankt in advance

Johan Bloembergen

From the Netherlands

Johan Bloembergen

Great Blog Susan! Thanks for the info on Baurch, love his picker! I had no idea he is so gifted in so many areas!

Stephanie Tucker

I absolutely LOVE the picker I got from you! It stores away neatly, safely, and has a very small footprint both when folded up and assembled. It does a loverly job of picking. It’s very versatile and I have used it with many different breeds, and staples, of wool. Using this cuts my fleece processing time in half. More time to spin! More time to knit!
The craftsmanship is spectacular and worth every dime!


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