Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Hope all of you had a great new year. Did you get all the fiber gadgets, spinning wheels, looms and Yarns you wanted. Susans resolution is working on more items on the website wish me luck. Keep following as we add videos and hints to improve  your skills with the fiber Arts. 

Hope you all your resolutions come true in 2016.

The the one item that we are working on is Max training. The yarn gobbler he is better each day. Max loves his little buddy Mac the cat.

   Max and Mac the cat.

 Our pets are so important to us. Keep them happy and safe.

The Teeswater sheepare growing  lushious wool thru the winter. What a winter, mud for three months, now very cold, The snow has hardened making the snow hard to shovel. well that is winter. So have fun ringing in the. New year,.

Fun kits have arrived at the shop. Kim Ogle Designs shawlette. Only $32. They are beautiful


 Call to order your kit today. 608-575-1470 mention this blog and get free shipping.

Have you used the ogle Kate gives you a 45 degree angle making it easy to ply off the kate. These kates are the best love using them. They fold flat for easy traveling and storing all the parts fit inside.


Offered only in the shop on yet on the website  coming soon Ogle's gradients Yarns.

  $25 -430 yards of fingering weight 

Stop by the shop or order thru the website or call Susan's.

Happy New Year! 



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My friend and I plan to make a road trip from Duluth to your shop one day between Dec 26-29. Any suggestions of a best day and time in that window? Do you have sheep or know of a nearby sheep farm that would be fun to visit? We have sheep. We spin, card, knit, weave… and just plain love fiber.

Kelly Duffy

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