Susan's Spinning Retreat March 11 10-1 Bee Hives

Susan's Spinning Retreat March 11 10-1 Bee Hives

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Sarah Anderson :

Sunday 10am-1pm March 11, 2018.
Spinning Beehives, Cocoons and Variations (3 hours)

In this 3 hour class you will not only learn to add fun elements like Beehives and Cocoons on a singles yarn. You will also learn techniques for making more consistent and fatter singles. Even if you don’t choose to use many of these yarns in your projects, the process of making them will help you to develop better hand-eye coordination and improve your control in all of your spinning.

Student level: Students should be comfortable with their wheel and able to spin a continuous singles (successfully get a thread onto the bobbin).

Bring to class: Spinning wheel in working order, lazy kate and 2 bobbins. You will want large whorls for slow spinning and if you have a choice of wheels choose the one with the largest orifice. Woolie Winders sometimes act up with these yarns so you may want to bring your manual or jumbo flyer if you have one. Optional - scissors, note taking materials, labels for sample skeins, chocolate (always a good idea) and anything else you think you may need or want.

Beehives, Cocoons and Knots:
$2 per student - I'll bring color handouts
Students should bring 2-3 ounces of a medium wool top (like Ashland Bay's CorriedaleX, Falkland etc) and small amounts of colored fiber for the little beehives, etc. I'll have some color bits with me to share also. It doesn't take much. Samples from dyers that are often in goodie bags are perfect.
They also need a working wheel with 1 bobbin. If they have a choice of wheels to bring, pick the wheel with the largest orifice and large whorl for low twist, slow spinning.