Spinning Retreat March 10 - 2pm to 5pm spinning Boucles

Sarah Anderson: 

Saturday 1am-4:30pm March 10 2018

Spinning Boucle Yarns (3 hours)

The word boucle comes from the French boucler, which means “to buckle, curl, or bulge.” With a core, looping ply, and binder, the boucle technique offers a multitude of variations. In this class, you’ll learn the basic steps in making a classic boucle along with some interesting variations.

Student level: Students should be comfortable with their wheel and able to spin a continuous singles (successfully get a thread onto the bobbin).

Bring to class: Spinning wheel in working condition, lazy kate and 3 bobbins. Optional - scissors, note taking materials, labels for sample skeins, chocolate (optional but always a good idea) and anything else you think you may need or want.

Homework: In the week or two before class, spend a little time every day spinning with the wheel you plan to use in class. It will warm you up (and you will also work out any glitches with the wheel).


$7 per student- I'll bring core and binder yarns, mohair top, some fat commercial singles (for a special type of boucle) and color handout
Students should bring 1-2 ounces of any fiber of their choosing. (something colored is nice for the spiral boucle) They may want to bring something fine like Merino 
They should have a working wheel with 3 bobbins and a kate