Spinning Retreat Class plying 2pm-5pm

Sarah Anderson:

Success in Plying (3 hours)

Friday 1-4 March 9, 2018 friday pm 2-5. 
$60 each class.
Success in Plying (3 hours)

We spend so much of our time spinning singles that plying the yarn can wind up being thought of as just a necessary nuisance. Plying, in reality is a very important part of making yarn. With plying comes balance and the opportunity to create different types of yarn from the same singles. Also, a good job of plying does justice to your beautifully spun singles.

In this class we’ll discuss twist (active, dormant and balanced) and how the amount of twist in your singles and plied yarn affect the yarn’s hand and function. We’ll practice strategies for plying that will bring you understanding and success.

Student level: Students should be comfortable with their wheel or MiniSpinner and able to spin a continuous singles (successfully get a thread onto the bobbin).

Bring to class: Spinning wheel in working condition, lazy kate and 4 bobbins. Optional - scissors, note taking materials, labels for sample skeins, chocolate (always a good idea) and anything else you think you may need or want.

Homework: In the week or two before class, spend a little time every day spinning with the wheel you plan to use in class. It will warm you up (and you will also work out any glitches with the wheel).

Material fee $15