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Registration for Felting Series 1: Felted Jackets with Natalya Brashovetskaya

Registration for Felting Series 1: Felted Jackets with Natalya Brashovetskaya

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Lecturer: Natalya Brashovetskaya

Place: Comfort Inn and Suites, DeForest WI: This hotel is providing a discounted rate for these dates. Please call the hotel at 608-846-9100 and mention SUSAN’S FELTING RETREAT to obtain these rates. 

Date: July 21, 22, 23, 24th, 2022

Time: 9am to 4pm CST daily

Host: Susan McFarland

For questions, email or call Susan at; Phone: (920)623-4237

Join fiber artist Natalya Brashovetska in making a gorgeous one piece felted sweater or jacket. Learn how to make a pattern, account for shrinkage, incorporate textures and designs, make sleeves that fit, and finish edges beautifully. No sewing involved.

Natalya, a native of Ukraine now living in Cyprus, is an accomplished felt artist and fashion designer who has lectured around the world. She shares tips continuously while focusing attention on each individual. Bring your ideas and creativity and be ready for a rewarding experience!

Materials required are listed below. The items with * are available for purchase from Susan. Please copy this list and insure that you bring the listed items with you. Contact Susan with any questions, or if you are unable to travel with any of these items, and Susan will assist you.

Susan Now has Margelan Silk in Stock. Please Contact her at 920-623-4237 to Order Yours to be Shipped out Immediately. 

Centimeter Measuring tape
Waterproof markers

Watercolor pencil (can be found in the art section of craft stores)

Triangular Ruler (Can be found at your favorite sewing or craft store!)
Thread - Standard polyester or cotton in natural colors.

Pins for the fabric
Plastic garbage bags
Water Sprinkler
Olive oil soap
Dish washing liquid
Felting Needles*
Sander machine
Soft mosquito netting fabric
Felting tools* - Your favorite kind
Pool noodle
Unlined Paper or A4 paper for drawing your pattern onto. 

1lb 18-19.5 micron merino wool* 

Margelan Silk 10-12 meters*

Viscose 50-400 grams*

Optional Materials for Decoration and Styling
Yarns (can be left over from previous projects)
Viscose fibers (200-300gr) different colours
Merino wool 18,5-19mc (300gr)
Silk fibers
pieces felt no more than 0.5 cm. clippings from previous projects
embroidered lace fabric

Red Heart Boutique Ribbons Yarn,
Berlini East Track II
Berlini Large *Closeout!*
Alize Naturale Boucle
Tape Net Mesh Ruffle Yarn
JubileeYarn Fishnet Yarn - 100% Acrylic
Metallic fabric:
Metallic laces
Metallic Nylon Mesh Net Fabric
Linen fibers
Chiffon / Crinkle chiffon
Margelan silk

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