Patchwork Jacket Workshop Beyond The Fiber

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Join Us To Learn & Make A Patchwork Jacket August 5-7, 2019

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During this class you'll make a fabric piece that is 3.5 yds that we'll then create into a beautiful one-of-a-kind Patchwork Jacket. The class is designed to give you a chance to explore a wide variety of felting techniques and see how they can all work together to form a finished piece. After you have made the fabric piece, we'll provide 3 jacket patterns for you to choose from. 

Class Fee: $495
Materials Fee: $80 (Paid on day of class to instructor)
Date: August 5-7, 2019
Time: 9am-5pm
Class size is limited to 10 people

You Need To Bring:

  • Towels
  • 2 Plastic Garbage Bags (if possible welded together at the bottom without pleats)
  • Your Proper Felting Equipment Consisting of Soap, Water Sprinkler, Medium-Sized Plastic Bin, Felting Needles, 1 Piece of Plastic to Begin The Felting Process About 2ft by 2ft.
  • Your Sewing Equipment Such as Needles, Pins, Yarns, Thimble, (especially a sharp and pointed pair of scissors...), Maybe also your own Sewing Machine
  • Decoration Material Such as linen and/or silk fibers, effect yarns, fabric leftovers, organdy silk - possibly embroidered, small beads.
  • Steam Iron If you have already felted prefelts please bring them along so that all can have a look at them or light chiffon silk 2 yard.
  • (Susan has various items you may need.)

Instructor Provides:

  • Photos of Fabrics I did in the past
  • Some Samples
  • Edge Trimmings

Techniques Used: 

Floe & Mosaic Technique:
Onto thinly drawn prefelt (in order to avoid a too thick fabric) we create with plastic strips and tops a design of floes that is not only interesting  for garments. With this technique you can also create a specific mosaic or if placed in exact repeating patterns an origami patch.

Lamellas Technique:
For enhancing vertical or horizontal lines we learn how to create lamellas and integrate them into a jacket

Nuno Felt Or Painting With Silk Technique:
Here we can use fabric (silk, cotton, linen - as long as it is thin enough), lace, etc. While we combine it with prefelt, thus creating patches we then can use in our jacket – think about all those old hippy time Indian scarves of very thin silk – they often have wonderful designs. Contact a professional seamstresses in your area and ask them for scraps. We might also cut-out of those fabrics pieces in form of a landscape, a  silhouette of people or towns, a historical monument, etc.

Painting With Cutouts of Prefelts Technique:
Here we cut out of prefelt (in various colors) forms and create with them a new picture, (e.g. a meadow, a forest, an abstract design, etc.) In order to create a real depth it is necessary to use for the dominant design a range of at least 5-7 prefelts – preferable handmade – in the same color scheme.

Shyrdak Technique
We make our own design, fantasy forms, flowers, skylines, etc. and cut it out of two different colored prefelts; by joining the one design in one color into the 'hole' of the prefelt in the other color we produce a type of inlay.

Structured felt surface
Any type of fiber or yarn - whether it's silk, viscose, synthetic fibers, wool curls,  effect yarns - will be spread across your prefelt and then we'll felt them on. As long as they are holding tight they can be used. You'll get all sorts of relief surfaces no other technique can produce.

Felted fleece patches
In this case we turn small pieces of raw fleeces directly from the sheep into those patches you can use as pockets, collars, cuffs, etc. (Feel the sheep directly).