These Boots Are Made For Walking Workshop Beyond The Fiber

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Join Us To Learn how to Create a Boot that works and is built for you. A one of a kind, a chance to work with the master 

July 30-August 2nd
Above price reflects. Aug 1st early sign-up discount!

This is a 4- days course, in which will be working 7 hours per day

First day:

- taking measurements  
- Building basic template  for boots
-Calculating  % of shrinking wool
- Modeling on basic template for high heel boots including heights of heel.
(the participants will gonna make boots with the same height of heel, but the tutor will explain how to make modeling on basic template for different heights of heels)
- Preparing materials (layers, fabric, and fibers)
- The layout of wool (the sequence of the layout of the wool )
- Grind wool, working on the template
- giving volume to the workpiece

Second day BOOTS:

- Rolling felt. working with the product to give shape.
- Shrinkage of workpiece  to shoe size
- Working with the bootleg
- work on mistakes
- making different samples for different seasons from different kind of wool
-variety of shoelast and soles, how to select right shoelast  and sole.

Third day:  

- Making heel box for boots
- Making innersoles 
- preparing boots for installing the heel box and inner soles
- Making different samples  for different seasons shoes  using different wool and other materials
- explaining how to Instal zipper.

Fourth day:

- Installing the heel box  to the shoes
- Installing the insoles in to the shoes
- Preparing the boots to put on the soles  
- Attaching soles to the shoe
- Stitching soles

After several days or more you will have created a work of art and worked with a master shoe maker

Available For Purchase:

  • Carded wool - 800 gr. - $90
  • SHOE LASTS & SOLES - $79

Student Brings:

  • PVC Noodles mat (not very big 90 / 50cm) 
  • Bamboo mat (size 50/90 cm)
  • Sanders 
  • Olive Soap( 100-120 gr)
  • Plastic disposable gloves
  • Rubber band (5mm wild)
  • Towels
  • Paper for drawing A 1
  • Brush for glue 
  • Pencils watercolor, tailor's chalk
  • Mosquito net  
  • Water sprayer
  • Box- Knife 
  • Scissors big
  • Needles big
  • Tape centimeter
  • Markers
  • Wood Washboards , felting rollers ( any tools students use for felting )
  • Ruler

Class Fee: $650 
Materials Fee: $175 (Paid to instructor on day of class.)
Dates: July 30-August 2nd
Time: 9am-5pm
Class size is limited to 10 people
Location: Super 8 Motel Columbus

Things To Know: In the order notes, please list shoe size in US and European sizes For Example: Size 9US/41and measure your foot in inches and cm. See chart below for comparison. If you have your own shoe lasts let us know.