Hats In the Classical Milliner Style Workshop Beyond The Fiber

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Join Us for Hats In The Classical Milliner Style 

August 9-11, 2019

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Since the beginning of time MAN and WOMAN wear hats. At first as a practical protection against all kind of weather they became a sign of membership, rank and class and have finally mutated to a fashionable and warming headdress. So no two hats look alike. 

During this class we create one or maximally two felt hats in the classical milliner fashion, hats that would be a credit to any hat shop. Things like cords, sequins, fabrics, buckles, feathers, ribbons, etc. will be part of the decoration and transform it into your! hat that will be absolutely unique. You will learn Millinery techniques. This is your chance to see how to make beautiful hats emerge from prefelt forms you will make.

My aim is for you to leave the class with one or two headdresses that through its decoration and finish deserves the name Hat. 

Class Fee: $495 
Materials Fee: TBD
Date: August 9-11, 2019
Time: 9am-5pm
Class size is limited to 10 people.
Location: Comfort Inn & Suites
5025 Co Hwy V, DeForest, WI 53532

Student Brings:

  • 2 big towels 
  • 2 plastic waste bags (if possible welded together at the bottom without pleats) 
  • About 3 ft (Square) of bubble wrap for templates (Call Susan's Fiber Shop if you need some)
  • Your proper felting equipment consisting of soap, water sprinkler, medium-seized plastic basin
  • Felt needles, 1 piece of a synthetic fibre curtain of about 1.5ft x 1.5ft to facilitate the beginning of the felting process 
  • Your sewing equipment , such as, needles, pins, yarns, thimble, (especially a sharp and pointed pair of scissors)
  • Decoration material such as linen and/or silk fibres, effect yarns, fabric leftovers, organdy silk -  possibly embroidered, small beads
  • For the whole group 
  • Preferably classical hat forms (made of wood or plastic, possibly also of Styrofoam) - Susan has 3 different forms. 
  • Steam iron 

Material description

For a hat we need about 4 ounces of wool in tops or batts. Bear in mind that a hat is directly touching the skin so it is advisable to use a fine wool, e.g. Merino. 

Personally I prefer batts since once felted hats made of wool in batts are definitely more flexible and thus amenable to the shapes we want to give them.

If you would like to felt your hats in advance, please let us know so that we con provide you the respective pattern.

If you would like to pre-felt a hat for forming, please let us know so we can send you with a respective pattern. This will make it so you can create many hats in class for you have pre-felt forms you made before the class.