Body Glam! Felted Jewelry Workshop Beyond The Fiber

Join Us To Learn & Make Body Glam! Jewelry


Aug. 3-4, 2019 

Above price reflects. Aug 1st early sign-up discount!

Many of us know jewelry made of felted beads and felt ropes. Now, how about creating extraordinary jewelry out of one piece of felt let's say of about ½ inch thickness. Out of one piece we make at least 2 necklaces, maybe also bracelet, some brooches and earrings. We will not leave any rests - everything will be worked into something.

You can use wool tops or batts. The only important thing is to produce a thoroughly worked piece of felt that can be cut, punched, pulled, twisted, and so on without its edges coming apart. My aim is for you to leave the course with one or more ready-to-wear pieces. Expand your horizons in felt jewelry you never thought possible.

Materials Description:

The jewelry should be done in extra fine merino wool (16 - 18 micron) since it usually is worn directly on the skin. Ask Susan she has all this micro merino available for purchase. If you need anything call Susan's Fiber Shop.

Class Fee: $295
Materials Fee: TBD
Date: Aug. 3-4, 2019
Time: 9am-5pm

Location: comfort inn and suites - DeForest.Wi..
Class size is limited to 10 people.

You Bring:

  • 2 big towels
  • 1 rubber car mat or similar
  • 1 plastic waste bag of about 120 l (if possible welded together at the bottom without pleats)
  • your proper felting equipment consisting of soap, water sprinkler, medium-seized plastic basin, felt needles with sponge,
  • 1 piece of a synthetic fibre curtain or bubble wrap of about 2ft x 2ft to facilitate the beginning of the felting process
  • sewing material, consisting of pins, needles, yarns, thimble, a thick pointed sewing needles, pliers for crimp beads (if available)
  • sharp and pointed pair of scissors
  • small glass beads and any other decorative items that can be sewn onto felt or be used as spacer beads between felted bits If you have particular accessories - such as string, beads, seeds, paper, dried hollow plant/flower stems – as long as they have holes - things you like because of themselves but haven't got a clue of what to do with it and which you would like to integrate into your jewelry please bring it. You might not believe what one can do with all sorts of things...
  • serviceable hammers
  • very sharp knives
  • wooden boards (hard wood), on which we punch the holes-cutting boards

Instructor provides

  • a selection of felted jewelry and photos of same 
  • punching tools
  • the necessary accessories for finishing off the jewelry e.g. wire, clasps, fasteners, pliers, etc.