Meet Jane Grogan


Jane Grogan lives in Madison, Wisconsin.  Jane fell down the “rabbit hole” of small loom weaving in about 1995.  Jane has an ever-growing collection of all shapes and sizes of looms, including squares, triangles, diamonds, rectangles and hexagons.

Jane has a goal of putting small looms into as many hands as possible.


Learn to warp and weave on a 4” pin loom for the perfect on-the-go project.  Pin looms are sometimes called Weave-its or Weavettes (Schacht makes one that they call a Zoom Loom). Pin looms have a unique configuration of groups of 3 pins on all sides. The workshop will introduce the warping of the loom and the simple needle weaving technique. Pattern designs are easily mastered to give a variety of looks to the weaving. Workshop project will be two 4” squares for a lavender sachet.

No experience is required.  You can bring your own loom or a loom will be provided for the workshop.  Looms will be available for purchase from instructor ($31).